Pastoral Care


At St Paul’s College we run vertical Pastoral Care Groups (PC Groups) for years 8-12 students in order to give them a real sense of belonging, and engender community and team spirit within each PC group. This means that each PC group is made up of a cross-section of students from years 8-12. Year 7 students will be in individual PC groups, in order for them to be orientated into the College. Each student has been allocated to a PC which has been arranged within house structures. The PC group will be supervised and cared for by PC teachers who remain with them throughout their time at the College.

This structure has been designed for optimum student interaction, and is based on solid objectives. A vital component of the process is the peer support which develops within each group. Senior students are given the opportunity to mentor younger students as well as model positive behaviour and attitude. It involves students helping other students in a caring environment.

A house points system exists, whereby students are awarded points for their house for each commendation they receive in all spheres of College life, including academic, sporting, cultural and community service. These points will be added to points awarded at our major sporting carnivals and other mechanisms by which points are awarded. At the Major Award Ceremony in term 3, a perpetual shield will be presented to the House Captains of the winning house.

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