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SHOES Shoes at St Paul’s College

The wearing of full school uniform is compulsory. It is important that all students wear our uniform and take pride in their appearance, as this is a very public way of exhibiting our Catholic identity.

Students are required to wear the full uniform to and from school and we ask that ‘parts’ of the uniform not be worn in public out of school hours.
If, for any reason, a student is unable to be in full school uniform they must have a note from parents explaining the problem and the expected day when the student will be back in full uniform. It is expected that this will be for only a short period of time.
Continued unwillingness to wear the school uniform correctly is showing a lack of school pride and in some instances lack of co-operation. It will result in a uniform lunch time detention and/or an after-school detention and may result in suspension.

If a student is unable to wear the full PE uniform to school on sports or sport prac day, then they must wear full school uniform to and from school, and change into the PE uniform they have for the two periods of sport.

During all swimming activities, swimming attire must be appropriate for the activity being undertaken for the time of year. Rash shirts and board shorts may be worn by students. Female students are not, under any circumstances, to wear string bikinis or the type of bikini’s used for sun baking. Sporting Bikinis will be allowed as in the type used in surf carnivals.

Uniform at Sports Carnivals

During all sporting carnivals (Athletics and Swimming), students in years 7-11 must be dressed in full College sports uniform with the option of wearing a House coloured T-shirt or polo shirt. Only year 12 students are permitted to attend dressed as novelty characters with modesty being a key requirement. This is not an out of uniform day. On these days, students are permitted to change into more appropriate competition attire only whilst they are competing. Containers of coloured sprays, dyes, coloured zinc etc. are not to be brought to carnivals.

Regular Uniform Items
Female Male
Senior girls blouse (Yr 11-12)

Junior girls blouse (Yr 7-10)

Girls skirt (Yr 7-12)

Girls slacks (Yr 7-12)

Girls shorts (Yr 7-12)

Senior girls tie (Yr 11-12)

Senior boys shirt (Yr 11-12)

Junior boys shirts (Yr 7-10)

Boys tailored shorts (Yr 7-12)

Boys tailored trousers (Yr 7-12)

Senior boys tie (Yr 11-12)

Unisex items

Navy blue striped socks (Yr 7-12)

College tie – for senior students only

Poly/Cotton knitted Jumper (Yr 7-12)

Unisex Sports Uniform
Short sleeve light blue polo shirt with contrast panels & College emblem

Microfiber sports shorts with angled contrast and College emblem

Navy blue striped socks (Yr 7-12)

Navy blue trach pants with sky blue contrast and College emblem

St Paul’s College weather proof jacket with College emblem
Cap and bucket hat with College emblem

School Shoes

(to be worn with the College Regular uniform)

‘Polishable, black leather, solid leather upper, lace-up, solid sole.

Note: Boots, black joggers, shoes with exposed uppers, skate shoes with logos and white or coloured markings, are NOT accepted.

Sport/ PE Shoes

(to be worn with the College sports uniform)

Joggers with flat sole, good grip & rolled toe in order to avoid injury.
(skate shoes with logos and white or coloured markings, basketball boots, canvas shoes or Dunlop Volleys etc., are NOT accepted)

Common Accessories(for all students 7-12)

Up to two small plain studs or sleepers in each ear (only)

  • No visible facial or body piercing is permitted.
  • No Visible tattoos are permitted.
  • One small plain ring may be worn.
  • No bangles, bands or bracelets. (Medical alert bracelets are the exception to this)
  • One plain metal chain necklace with or without small cross only. (Medical alert necklaces are the exception to this)
  • Inappropriate jewellery will be confiscated and kept until the end of term. All care will be taken, but no responsibility accepted.
  • Make-up of any description is not permitted for any students in years 7-10 (this includes tinted moisturizer, and coloured lip gloss). Year 11 and 12 students may minimally use make-up such as foundation and mascara which are of natural shades only. Minimal and Natural are the key words here.
  • Nail polish must be clear or natural coloured.
  • The Year 12 Rugby type jerseys are a privilege and are not an official College uniform item. If these are allowed to be worn at school it will only be in conjunction with the correct uniform. Where the College uniform is not correct, the jersey will be removed until the uniform is corrected. Rugby type jerseys are not to be worn at official occasions such as; Mass and excursions, where the College is being represented.


Hair accessories should be a plain design in black, blue or white.
Hairstyle is a matter that invites good taste and judgement as to appropriateness. The College has particular expectations in regards to hairstyles, which are to be adhered to. Allowing a student to adopt the latest fad or trend is not always consistent with both these points.
Parents are asked to ensure that their child’s hairstyle conforms to the following:

  • Hair should be neatly groomed and maintained at all times;
  • Extremes in hairstyles are unacceptable
  • Dramatic layered effect of levels are not permitted
  • Hair should not be overly styled by the use of hair products
  • Hair is not to be tinted or coloured in any colour other than that of a natural hair colour
  • Long hair must be kept neat and off the face. Long strands such as ‘rat’s tails’ are unacceptable as are dread locks.

The College Principal has the final say as to the appropriateness of a hairstyle.
Boys must be clean-shaven at all times.

Policy for Dress on ‘OUT OF UNIFORM’ Days

Parents and students are reminded that all clothing worn on these days must be appropriate. If a student arrives at school on one of these days in clothing deemed to be inappropriate, parents may be contacted and asked to collect the students in order to rectify the matter. It is inappropriate for brief and revealing clothing to be worn to school. This includes low-cut, strapless, backless or mid-riff tops, mini-skirts and brief shorts. Parents are also asked to consider the appropriateness of all writing and graphics on T-shirts.

Due to WHS regulations, sandals, thongs and other similar footwear may not be worn. All students must wear either joggers or some other kind of enclosed footwear.

If a student has a PE or Practical lesson then they must bring the correct shoes for that lesson, i.e. joggers for PE and school shoes for Practical lessons. Students, who have PE or Sport on these particular days, must bring their PE uniform with them.