Homework & Assignments

The setting of homework and assignments is left to the discretion of the teachers within the course Professional Learning Team.
The purpose of homework and assignments are to:

  • consolidate and practise the work done in class.
  • to provide remediation when students haven’t learnt the work.
  • to provide extension work when students have learnt the work.
  • to review previously taught topics and years’ work.
  • to complete tasks unable to be completed in class time.

Homework and assignments should be differentiated so that all the students will be able to complete the task i.e. only work which is within the scope of the students should be given and there should be sufficient time allowed for the students to complete the set task.

It is expected that when homework or assignments are set that all students will complete the task. If this does not occur then it is expected that the teacher will give the student a ‘homework incomplete stamp’, and follow the Procedure for Academic Detention.

The expectation with regards to homework is that it will be given to juniors three to four times per week and to seniors four to five times per week. Year 7 should not be given homework over the weekend.
In giving assignments, teachers should be realistic in their expectations of the students.

  • Year 7 & 8 students should only be expected to produce about three paragraphs to one page of writing in their own words.
  • Years 9 & 10 students should be able to produce around two pages of writing in their own words with relevant illustrations and diagrams included.
  • Years 11 & 12 students should be able to produce three to five pages of work in their own words with relevant diagrams, illustration and examples included.

Alternative formats for assignment presentations could include posters, models, collages, games, quizzes, biographies, role plays, surveys, practical demonstrations, interviews and imaginative writing, IT presentations. Technology can also be incorporated into both the research and presentation of the assignment.

In setting an assignment, the students should be given an outline of the task with clearly defined expectations and outcomes. The criteria for assessment of the assignment should be given to the students prior to the commencement of the task.
A student diary is issued to each student. Parents are asked to check and to sign this at least once a week. Pastoral Care teachers check these diaries each Monday.

Homework Schedule

Years 7 & 8 Years 9 & 10 Year 11 & 12
Finishing off work, remedial exercises, enrichment exercises, revision work, reading maths, library research, practical activities.
Frequency per cycle 8-10 10 10-12
Time per HW Task 15-20 mins
Some tasks will take more time than one night
25-35 mins
Some tasks will take more time than one night
35-45 mins
Some tasks will take more time than one night
Marking/checking required Finishing off work should generally be corrected by the students. The teacher should correct this homework from time to time to check on progress and for understanding. Assignments should be marked by the teacher.
Tasks to be avoided Tasks which are too difficult or too lengthy.
Tasks which are ‘impossible’ instead of challenging.
Tasks which involve work which has not yet been studied.
If not done? ‘Homework incomplete’ stamp in the student diary.
Chase up the completion of homework either through a check the next lesson or by detention to complete the work.
On the third ‘Homework incomplete’ stamp students are referred to the Leader of Learning for an Academic detention.